Vedic Mathematics, though has no legal definition, it is an unique old system with the following distinctive features.

Knowledge of Sanskrit is not necessary.

Sutras used in Vedic Maths can be easily understood, remembered and applied.

Students can take the advantage of choosing easiest possible method from wide range and solve the problem at least     5 – 10 times faster.

Conversion of numerals greater than five to less than five without changing any values.

Instant and Immediate verification of results made possible.

Majority of problems can be solved mentally.

Helps to sharpen human intellectual and guides to improve human logical reasoning.

Vedic Maths increases Mental ability, Concentration, Develops good memory and Enhances the ability to retain many     ideas at once.

Vedic Maths practitioners are easily recognized

Most of all, Vedic Maths is as old as 5000 B.C. with ancient scriptures written in Sanskrit and later translated the     complex text into understandable mathematics.

And to practice and implement the methods in your day to day life what else could be the better way.