Education and Character are two sides of the same coin and one without the other is meaningless. Money may come and go but it is the character that counts from beginning to the end of life. Any Individual when equipped with character education can excel in any part of the world.

Education should focus on ethical, social, vocational and academic aspects.

Education builds man and man in turn builds nation. A strong nation can be built only when there is a strong character education.

To put it in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically, In other words, "Intelligence plus character". That is the goal of true education.

Abraham Lincoln aptly said, "Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow". The shadow is what we think of it, the tree is the real thing.

Hence the essence of any education is the strong character. The evolutionary approaches and revolutionary changes in the present educational system are the need of the hour. We must build a nation where youngsters have a vision to think beyond geographical boundaries. There should be scope to expand intellect, reinforce mind and make them to stand on their own feet.

Education provides human with information, imagination, knowledge, ideas, values, ethics, reasoning and overall makes human being COMPLETE. Education is a learning process from cradle to grave.

Throughout the centuries, Mathematics has been recognized as one of the central stands of human intellectual activity. It has grown in to one of the most important cultural components of our society. Its influence and being the important component of School Education has been so fundamental and widespread, that being numerate is becoming more important than being literate.

"Mathematics is the Mirror of Civilization". With its aesthetic value, Knowledge of Mathematics reflects a country's civilization and culture. Quizzes, Puzzles and magic Squares are entertaining and challenging to thought and hence teaching of mathematics is inevitable in schools.

Children from the age of 5 to 14 are to be admitted in schools to provide education, as this is the best age to tune them for creating interest in education. They have lots of thoughts and imagination and before it could fade it is the responsibility of schools to encourage and coax them to scribble their thoughts, imaginations, guide them to correct their dislikes and creating an opportunity to put their ability, creativity, memory power and visualizing capacity.

Handwriting is the marvelous key that allows human beings to think, to show emotions and to share feelings with another person in a most personal manner. Good handwriting says a lot about the writer. It shows that the writer values the act of corresponding and cares about communicating in a pleasing and attractive manner. It also gives an indication that the writer is a person of good self esteem and respects the other.

And as a result of brain storming, with a novel purpose of rendering high quality training, keeping the importance, need and effectiveness for the development of Younger Generation, it was in the year 2004, we could find an answer, a solution and we named it rightly as Neo GEFMAT ACADEMIES ‐Goodwill Education for Mental Arithmetic Techniques.

Neo GEFMAT Academies provides the much needed solutions to the PRESENT for a Better FUTURE through its Four Pillars by the name

Abacus Education For Whole Brain Development

Vedic Maths For Gifted Mathematical Ability

Calligraphy For Elegant Handwriting

Online Training on Vedic Maths

Neo GEFMAT Academies – " We are more than What We Do…"


Leading Academy for Brain development Program

Solving Complex Arithmetic and Algebraic Problems

Scripting     handwriting Skills through calligraphy

Best of its kind of training in India with ISO 9001‐2008 Certified

Discovering the Mind Power, Minimizing the Minutes

Excellence Personified Team with Well Trained and dedicated Teachers / Trainers

Conducting National Level Competitions in Abacus and Vedic Maths

Successful Track Record with 3000 Students on Board


Commencement of the Academy with the ABACUS course in the Year 2004.

Course on Vedic Maths – 3 Levels ‐ in the Year 2006.

Course on Abacus for Kids in the Year 2007.

ISO Certification in May 2010

Fourth Level in Vedic Maths in September 2010

Course on calligraphy – in the year 2011

Vedic Maths goes Online from     the year 2011

Courses Offered

Abacus Education ‐ For Kids of Age group Between 5 to 14.

Vedic Maths – For the Age Group of 11 and Above

Learning Vedic Maths Online

Caligraphy – "Expressing Through Symbols"