Good handwriting has always been cherished by the young and the old alike. Handwriting is an important part of Progressive Phonics, and for good reason: many educators are returning to basics - reading AND writing - as the key to literacy. Simply put, when children write what they learn, they learn it better.

Writing takes more time than reading a word, giving the brain ten to twenty times more exposure to a word. Following are the advantageous.
  • Reinforces memory of words

  • Trains the left-to-right and up-to-down patterns that are necessary for fluent reading of English

  • Helps build a child's "word bank" of words that he/she can recognize and read instantly

  • Helps children recognize and retain patterns and relationships in words and spellings

  • Writing allows greater precision in communicating ideas

  • Writing allows logic and other forms of complex thought

  • The students score better marks because they can write better with our handwriting course; better written answer sheet are readable by all teachers

  • People with good handwriting have better personality, accurate in judging others, have very pleasing personality, have bigger ambition in life, and they always have good attitude and peoples admiration. This is a scientifically proven truth

  • Get better jobs. These days many companies hire handwriting analyst to predict the nature of the person by looking at their handwriting

  • Good Handwriting develops Brain and improves grades

  • Good Handwriting aids confidence and memory

  • Good Handwriting helps the Child for good presentation by avoiding silly mistakes

  • Ease of learning letter strings and spellings

  • Easier acceptance of students' ideas because they are more easily read

  • Enhanced ability to focus on composition and quality of writing content

  • Improved capacity of writers to access their own thoughts and information

  • Raised sense of self-competence as writers, which in turn increases achievement across all subjects

  • Writing permits asynchronous communication like cinema and video

GEFMAT Handwriting Program is specially designed for the Children which helps not only in their present age, also in their future life.

"Good Handwriting is a sign of Healthy Mind,
Bad Handwriting is a sign of Imperfect Education"
- Mahatma Gandhi