ABACUS is an ancient tool invented during Greek and Roman times. Over the period Abacus has evolved into different types as it traveled across the world. Abacus rightly fits into the modern day world with so many advantages, here are few facts to make it more informative and interesting.
Right Side Brain Development
           The human brain consists of the right brain and the left brain. The left brain is referred as the digital brain which controls reading, writing, calculation and logical thinking. The right brain is known as the analog brain which controls three-dimensional sense, creativity and artistic senses.

           Studies reveal that use of left brain makes easier for mathematical calculations as in the case of Asians and right brain for creativity and languages learning as Westerners which gives a clear indication and difference from the Asians and Westerners. So balancing between the left and right side of the brains is essential for the best results.

           Thanks to the development of cerebral physiology and machines that can accurately measure the amount of blood flow in the brain. Recent studies have proven that the abacus method of mental calculation is extremely effective in activating the right brain and for the students manipulate the abacus beads in their head to carry out a calculation .

Photographic Memory
           Capability of storing and retrieving of information to and from our memory indicates the superiority of human brain to computer. To improve your memory power, the storing of information should be in orderly fashion which makes the retrieval easier. Abacus, with the help of Photographic Memory improves your memory power to a different level in remembering a cluster of information forever by associating it in a very familiar fashion and to retrieve it whenever we need it.
Spatial Arrangement
           Abacus not only improves your memory power with help of its photographic memory, it also helps us in memorizing the spatial arrangement of information including their location and orientation by obtaining a visually sensitive abacus images. For example, when children were asked to take a look of different game sites in a park for 5 minutes. And then they were asked to tell the location of each game site, we could experience the better performance and results of Abacus learnt children to the others.
           How will a ordinary person calculate the sums? He/She will speak in the mind as 100 – 7 is 93. Its just simple memorizing and is a common method. Ordinary person puts mathematical notions into words. But abacus children visualize the images, do not replace them into words instead they induce the right brain which is the centre of intelligence and is memory embedded. This difference from the ordinary person can be seen clearly in the EEG's. This ability to visualize the images is useful for other subjects and behaviours. There is a saying, "Human brain is the master computer of all". But some of the people don't know how to use the brain as a computer but abacus children do. Abacus children use this ability for memorizing also.
Image Processing
           Abacus learning is useful to grasp the images easily. They just bring the images in front of your eyes and uses the right brain to solve the most difficult problems within a few seconds. They also easily understand the decimal system and the concept of digit positions. Day to day education method just focus on theories and memorization. But image processing used in abacus induces human creativity and inspiration in addition. It also brings more confidence and positive impacts on other subjects.
           To focus clearly and throughout for extended periods of time, you should keep your mind as strong and alert it could be. Poor concentration is one of the main reason for a scattered mind-set. Abacus exercises can help to strengthen your ability to concentrate, and will improve your focus over time.
Self Reliance
                Childhood experience plays an important role in building a strong personality, but nobody can do anything to change the past. If you wish to increase your level of self-reliance, you have to use your creativity and take action in the present.

                The goal of increased self-assurance should not be pursued for the needs of the moment, but for permanent improvements in our lives. Changes in our fundamental psychological patterns have little worth if they cannot be stabilized and maintained. A better future must entail a consolidation of any gains in self-reliance that we may be able to attain.

                The main drivers of our personality are incredibly or sustained external pressure. The Abacus techniques that can effectively increase our self-confidence are those that, little by little, realign our thinking patterns according to consistent principles.