What is Vedic Maths?
Answer : Vedic Mathematics is intuitional visualization of Mathematical truth & principles and unique ancient system which helps to solve the difficult problems in a simple way. Vedic Maths was rediscovered by his Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Bharathi Krishna Tirtha Swamiji of Goverdhana Math, Puri.
What is the difference between Abacus and Vedic Maths?
Answer : In Abacus, with the help of instrument only arithmetic calculation can be done. Whereas in Vedic Maths, one can learn algebra and geometry apart from arithmetic without using any instrument.
What is the most significant feature of Vedic Maths?
Answer : The entire system of Vedic Maths is beautifully interrelated and unified instead of a collection of unrelated techniques. The techniques are given in the form of simple 16 sutras which are easily understood , remembered and can be applied. This significant feature is very accomplishing and makes Maths easy and fun and encourage new innovative ideas.
Is there any scope for Vedic Maths?
Answer : Vedic Maths with its creative, inspiring and fresh approach to solve the problems, its scope is extended from arithmetic to all the major mathematical concepts like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Solution of Equations and Astronomy etc. It also opens up a new prospect of knowledge.
Is Vedic Maths presented in logical way or methodology?
Answer : Yes. The problem and solutions are expressed with the modern mathematical symbols to make them user friendly and algorithm is provided to make them authentic. Incidentally, the Vedic Maths and Ancient Indian Scientists have discovered many mathematical abstracts and techniques, centuries before the western scientists.
Is Vedic Maths accepted world wide and how is the future?
Answer : Statistics reveals that around the world, in about 20 universities including London School of Economics, Sydney, Birmingham, Zurich, Heidelberg etc., have introduced Vedic Maths in their curriculum.

Increase in the number of International seminars, committed and determined Research & Development actions on Vedic Maths all over the world and support by individuals and organizations is clear indication for the acceptance world wide.

With Vedic Maths bringing the best results to lead the world in education and scientists revealing that learning of vedic Maths increases the right brain activities so that the children will be more creative, the future of Vedic Maths is very positive and encouraging with tremendous scope.
Is Vedic Maths acknowledged in regular system?
Answer : Vedic Maths needs to be used in schools by the students as a verifying tool for checking the answer and in regular system it may not be accepted as vedic maths solves any problem skipping the intermediate steps.
Is it necessary to memorize the complicated formulas in Vedic Maths?
Answer : No. Not at all. In Vedic Maths, most of the calculations are carried out mentally to certain extent and hence memorizing the formulas, tables and to remember the prime numbers and other facts are not necessary.
Is Vedic Maths useful only for school going children?
Answer : Equally to school going children, aspirants who are appearing in the entrance and competitive exams like CAT, IIT, GMAT, Bank Officers & Insurance Officers selection exam, Railway Recruitment Board exam finds vedic Maths very useful and easy as they could solve the problems and complete the exam in lesser time with best accuracy.
Who can study ?
Answer : Vedic Maths can be taught to the children who has bit of basic mathematics knowledge. Children with age of 11 or 12 finds easy to understand the techniques of Vedic mathematics.
What is the feedback from the Maths teachers?
Answer : Vedic Maths with its Unique, Elegance, Novelty, Lesser Step Size and Less Consumption of time in solving the problems finds it very effective and encouraging from the Maths Teachers. They in fact feels that Vedic Maths helps them in covering their regular curriculum well ahead of the stipulated hours and they strongly recommend the introduction of Vedic Maths in Schools.
List out the advantages of Vedic Maths
Answer : Vedic maths uses sixteen formulas or sutras with 120 words to solve any problem in any branch of mathematics. It is also called as 'Instant Maths' is definitely a revolution in the learning concept and a proof of Indian Intelligence. The sutras used can be remembered easily without even knowing Sanskrit. The advantages are listed below.

1. Problems can be solved faster than regular method.
2. Removes fear for Maths.
3. It is Magic until it is understood.
4. Maths becomes easy and joyful subject.
5. Addition can be done in easy and fast method.
6. Subtractions no carry over.
7. Multiplication with in few seconds and many methods to choose.
8. Division: Only adding and single digit multiplication in one method.
9. Verification method to check answer immediately.
10. Learning Multiplication table is not necessary.
11. Reveals the unknown mysteries of numbers.
12. A lift for those who plan to take competitive exams.
13. Answers can be calculated mentally in single step.

The whole world is expecting more on Vedic Mathematics from the India. Let's join GEFMAT ACADEMIES to promote and spread this wonderful technique to all over the world.