Vedic Maths which is also called as Instant Maths is a collection of beautifully interrelated and unified techniques known as "Sutras". With the whole world is now turning towards India, considered to be the origin of Vedic Maths, here are few possible and proven facts.
Speed and Accuracy
           'The solution of any problem lies in the problem itself", this is the mantra of Vedic Mathematics. And, another essential for achieving accuracy with speed is to keep numbers and decimal points properly placed in every problem. The careful alignment of digits by units, tens, hundreds, etc. will help to attain fast and accurate results.

           Finally, speed and accuracy also require that you be reasonably well skilled in basic arithmetic and can quickly recognize that 9 + 8 = 17, 16 – 5 = 11, 8 x 6 = 48, 56 / 7 = 8, etc. i.e. you must stop to work out problems like these, you will need to review and practice your "tables" also.

           You can further ensure accuracy by estimating your answer by Vedic mathematics technique in advance. Estimating the answer before doing any problem helps to avoid big mistakes, such as omitting a decimal point or putting it in the wrong place. Eg. Writing 14.444 instead of 1.4444, etc. An estimate can catch errors that make the answer much larger or smaller than it should be. You can estimate your answer by rounding off numbers.
Verification System
           Vedic methods helps us to check the accuracy of the answers in a fraction of second without redoing the whole sum again.

           In conventional method, you can check your answer by solving the problem again, either in reverse order or by some different method.

           In Vedic Mathematics Beejank ( Single Digit ) technique will be used to verify the answer. This method is not used for quick calculation but for quick checking of answers. It has powerful properties which are used to verify the answers of arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, etc.
           Visualization can serve as a powerful technique that helps to master anything – including better time management. If you have an important goal or task coming up and you are not confident in your ability to do it, visualize it first! Then it become easy to achieve it.

           Try visualizing yourself staying calm, balanced and focusing throughout the course of your day, handling any surprises and interruptions with ease, and at the end of the day feeling happy and proud of yourself. Visualize yourself giving a successful speech, getting better at sports activities, or anything else you want to master.
Logical Reasoning
           When you are solving a problem you can use a strategy that is called LOGICAL REASONING. Vedic Mathematics exercises help kids to learn the process of elimination or deductive thinking. Most problems in vedic maths give a variety of conditions and you must use an "if and then" approach. It is important that you read the whole problem, and choose the best hint or clue before starting to solve the problem.
Creativity and Clarity
           Vedic method techniques are more logical, creative and innovative approach towards any problem in Vedic mathematics we can solve one sum in different ways.

           The sutras not only develop aptitude and ability but also, nurture and develop our logical thinking and intelligence and also encourage innovativeness.

           More than that, Vedic method identifies clear sense of your own skills and strength so that you can position yourself to take on new challenges.

It refers to

Explaining or
Guiding the student's to understand the constructive meaning of the sutras given in the Vedic texts. Vedic Mathematics is having only sixteen sutras which are easily understood, easily remembered and easily applied.

           Another thing to do is to make mental pictures of what is being solved, like making your own motion picture.

          Vedic method integrates the other skills of reading the problem - number recognition, observing the pattern, relations of ratio - so that in the middle of elementary grades, the child moves from learning to solve to solving to learn. If any of the other solving skills are weak, then comprehension will be lower and achievement in later grades will be more difficult. But, older kids can still learn comprehension strategies that will help them solve to learn and continue to become better readers.
Self Confidence
           PrProsperity and happiness seem to be directly proportional to self-confidence. Individuals with initiative and persistence tend to achieve more than others who, despite possessing larger resources, behave timidly and confused.

           By Learning and Practicing Vedic Mathematics, we can save our time in exams and improves our mental calculation abilities.

           Mental calculation improves concentration, develops good memory and enhances the ability to retain several ideas at once. And also, students learn to work with different concepts simultaneously, so self confidence improves tremendously.
Self Reliance
           Vedic Mathematics calculation will enable you to develop a feel for Numbers. You will be able to estimate the answer better.Understanding Vedic mathematics foster an ability to think laterally. It helps you to develop to try alternative ways of thinking.

           It boosts your self esteem and confidence and also improves your intelligence and problem-solving abilities.

           Self Reliance is essential to success. Realize that without it, you will not advance. Push your limits at every given opportunity. Challenge yourself to do new things. Keep telling yourself that "My Self Confidence is growing everyday".