GEFMAT ABACUS - The Simple, Flexible and Highly structured Brain Development & Integrated Programme through Abacus practice.

              GEFMAT ABACUS is a Magical Technique and energising programme which integrate the functioning of the brain for greater learning and productivity.

              By practicing Arithmetic using Abacus the " Imagination in Brain" will be triggered on the basis of the actions between the organs of the human body.

              As we know, the human body is divided into the left and right parts, which have a lot of physiological organs and may be similar while seeing. But the functions are not similar. For example, the right and left hands are different in strength and skill.

Researchers findings
The Left (Analytic) Brain is more active when deals with

        Analytical Information
        Hearing the Sound
        Read & Write
        Taste & Smell

The Right (Creative) Brain is more active when deals with

        Integral information
        Listening Music
        Absorbing Colours & Movements
        Graphics & Rhythms
        Drawing & Manipulating objects
              The right brain does not sense the senses of sight and hearing in the normal manner, but it has the ability to see, hear and sense things through the waves translated into images. These senses of the right brain are its basic abilities. When these abilities are released, children become capable of seeing images as motion pictures.

              It is true that we process words on one side and images on the other, together the brain hemispheres communicate more clearly than either could alone. Left brain governs the right limbs and vice versa.

              Nowadays, by nature and education, human beings are accustomed in using the right hand. So, the function of the right brain is badly developed because the right hand is used more than the left.

              In traditional methods of teaching information, encourage us to move from one idea to the next in linear, verbal "left brain" fashion. This type of learning, limits our ability to see the big pictures and new connections. When we add GEFMAT ABACUS Techniques that engages the right side brain, we can easily maximise our learning and thought potentials.

              In the Competitive world, it is very important to teach the value of each and every precious minute at an early age. The kids can improve their timing sense by studying Abacus. GEFMAT ABACUS course will make the calculations simpler and will improve the confidence level which further helps to face any competition with self confidence, providing a sense of sure success. So, the child becomes responsible and independent in all respects.