What is calligraphy?
Answer: Calligraphy is an ancient art literally means "beautiful writing". It is an art that devotes itself to stylistic lettering techniques that incorporates sleek lines to elaborate, flourishes and ornamental lettering. Its about shaping each letter with style, technique, colour and size.
What is the difference between handwriting and calligraphy ?
Answer : Handwriting is communicating one's thought. Whereas, Calligraphy adds beauty and content to it.

The purpose of handwriting is functional whereas calligraphy is functional added with aesthetic.

Calligraphy uses a special instrument for writing unlike used in handwriting.

Calligraphy has stricter rules when compared to handwriting.
Are there different styles of writing calligraphy?
Answer : Yes. Calligraphy writing has unique scripts with different styles. Scripts in calligraphy where created for various purposes with respect to situation and place.
What instruments are used to practice calligraphy?
 Answer : A special pen is mostly with black ink is used to practice calligraphy.
On what other materials calligraphy can be written ?
Answer: Apart from papers, Calligraphy can be written on the following materials also.

Cloth, Metal, Ceramic, Wood, Stone, Glass
How easy is to read calligraphy?
Answer :As easy as reading any scripts.
How frequent are the classes conducted?
Answer: Calligraphy classes are conducted in the weekends.
Is there any evaluation?
Answer :Certainly yes. On successful completion, you will be awarded with a certificate by the Academy.
Is handwriting taking the back seat ?
Answer : True to a certain extent. With most of the people switching over the mode of communicating through e-mail or SMS, letter writing is dying these days. But there are good reasons to make handwriting a regular part of one's life.
Why strain too much to get better handwriting when modern technology available easily?
Answer : Handwriting is the mirror of one's personality. It gives you to express something about yourself in a beautiful way that you can't do with the technology. Further, one can identify the person who sent the letter easily by seeing the handwriting.